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The D&H Adirondack Branch HO Model Railroad
Circa 1974-1977
  Branch Line and Switching Operation
  From Saratoga to North Creek and Sanford Lake (Tahawus)
  Saratoga is staged at the South end

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The model depicts the Operations of the Adirondack Branch from Saratoga N.Y. to Sanford Lake N.Y.

The major towns and industries are: from Saratoga going North, Corinth home of the International Paper Company. There are two Paper Mills in Corinth: The Sulfite Mill (new) and the Older Finishing Mill. There are also small local service providers such as a fuel, sand, feed and lumber dealers.

Next, is Warrensburg also a Paper Mill town. Warrensburg Board & Paper is a small branch along the line. The next town is North Creek. I have taken some liberty with North Creek. The model is a little larger than the real thing as I took license to increase the traffic volume to generate work for the model operators.

North Creek is home to a small engine facility, a small yard to hold and classify local traffic and store and repair empty hoppers for National Lead at Sanford Lake. Local industries are: Barton Mines, T.C. Murphy Lumber Co., North Creek Kiln Dry Co., Schroon Lake Equipment, Ireco Chemicals and a fictitious Gilmore Feed and Seed. I also took the liberty to move Great Eastern Lumber twenty - five miles up the line north to Sanford Lake Village. Sanford Lake also hosts other small industries such Arthur White & Sons Lumber (Logs for International Paper) and a small quarry. Also located at Sanford Lake more precisely at Tahawus further north from the village is the other anchor industry on the railroad the National Lead Mine that produces Magnetite and Ilmenite.