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Operations have been a large part of Michel's layouts for years.  Currently 10 people operate with Michel two Monday's a month (September through May).  


Normand Rajotte, our dispatcher, used to dispatch for Canadian Pacific.  Here he is at his dispatching station.


Andy Chisholm was learning dispatch from Normand Rajotte on November 19th


Busy in Corinth. Gilbert Lacroix has his hands full


Normand Rajotte, taking a break from dispatching, confident enough to leave the railroad to Andy.  It's about this time Robert started running phantom trains.

Tom Badenoch in Tawhaus

Here is a list of tools used at operating session.  Feel free to E-mail Michel for more information about any of these:

Daily Bulletin Orders (Word Document)

Dispatch Call List (Word Document)

Engineers and Conductors Jobs (Word Document)

Locomotive Identification Card (Word Document)

Occupancy Control System (Word Document)

Operator Guide - Trouble Shooting (Word Document)

Operator Occupancy Timetable (Excel Document)

Staging Timetable (Excel Document)

Staging Yard - Industry Siding Capacity (Excel Document)

Train Identification Cards (Word Document)

Waybills Sample (PowerPoint Document