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The layout over the years has received many contributions from friends past and present operators as well. All backdrops in the new addition were painted by Chris Lyon and the backdrops in the older section were painted by Michel Boucher following a private clinic by Chris.  Andrew Chisholm is the Webmaster for the layout and the Chief Dispatcher is Normand Rajotte.  





Prototypical North Creek Engine House. Doors produced by GLX SCALE MODELS INC. Gilbert Lacroix the owner of GLX and an operator on my layout was generous enough to design and produce the doors for the model. The doors define the model and its location. Gilbert will produce the doors on demand for D&H modelers. See his website. I built the structure from scale plans that were available on the Internet. The website that I downloaded the plans from, subsequently suffered a malware attack. Luckily after I was done. Therefore I will not refer you to it for now.

Prototypical North Creek Engine House

Prototypical North Creek Engine House

The North Creek Industrial area is progressively being redone with fresh scenery and appropriate buildings for prototypical industries.. Barton MInes at Siding 24 finally has a shed that resembles Shed #2 on the prototype. Chris Lyon produced a 5 part series on U-Tune on Timetables and Operations where I am being interviewed by Doug Matheson on the process followed to build a Timetable to operate your layout. The series can be viewed at CNLVN on U-Tube. and was available on the weekly Model Railroad Hobbyist Readers Tip on October 28.There are also other layout Operations described in the same detailed fashion on CNLVN. the Sharks were retrofitted with the appropriate Baldwin sound (Soundtraxx) . Hence the picture of the Sharks pulling an excursion on the North creek Branch.


New crane at Great Eastern Lumber- Detailed article in the October 2009 OVAR Interchange.


International Paper, Corinth, NY


International Paper, Corinth, NY


  Crane scratch built by Denis Doucet loading wood for digester at International Paper, Corinth, NY


International Paper Finishing Mill Corinth N.Y., Old Mill scratch built by Robert Peck 


International Paper Corinth Yard N.Y.


Corinth Center


Corinth Municipal Park


Corinth Overall View


Corinth North End


Fuel Dealer, Corinth N.Y.


Grain Transfer Loader Corinth Model by Normand Levert


Grain Transfer Loader Corinth Model by Normand Levert


Mr. Peck's Cottage 


Allan's Lane Corner


Grade up to Corinth on left-Sanford Lake Mayrand Siding on right 


Bellemare Cement Vehicles by Denis Doucet 


North Creek Station


C-420 408 refuelling 


C-420 on turntable at North Creek N.Y. Sandtower by Trevor Marshall 


Engine House North Creek N.Y.  Model By Trevor Marshal


Overall View.  North Creek N.Y. on left and National Lead trackage towards Tahawus on right


5019 at Stillwater Bridge bridge by Allan Lane 


Famous SHARKS with an Excursion Special


Caboose Hop on way to North Creek from Sanford Lake Bridge by Allan Lane


Ilmenite empties returning to mine


Yellow Cars Scratchbuilt and weathered by Michel Boucher


Sanford Lake Mill 


Arthur White & Sons Log Loading Area


Great Easter Lumber Sanford Lake N.Y


Employee Houses Sanford Lake Houses built by Normand Levert


General Store Sanford Lake N.Y. Model by Tom Badenoch


Mayrand Siding Crossing Installed and wired by Gilbert Lacroix 


Crossing at Mayrand Siding Installed and wired by Gilbert Lacroix


Loaded Ilmenite cars on way to North Creek Backdrop by Chris Lyon 


Ilmenite Loads on Way to North Creek N.Y.Bridge built by Robert Peck. Pillars by Neil Lowes.


Yellow Cars on Hudson River bridge - approach to Tahawus


Arrival Platform Tahawus N.Y.


Ilmenite empties on arrival at Tahawus


National Lead Office Tahawus N.Y. 


Tahawus Mine Yardmaster House 


Tahawus Yard Ladder


Tahawus Yard Scale


Yard Scale Model by Normand Levert


Yard Approach Tahawus N.Y. backdrop by Chris Lyon


Tahawus N.Y. Ilmenite Loading Facility


Panoramc View Surplus Storage area


Panoramic View - National Lead Tahawus N.Y.


Panoramic View Loading Tower and generating Plant


Panoramic View Storage Bins